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Shenzhen Longdi Group Co., Ltd. is a moving products to the main, 

set research and development integration, manufacturing, sales in one 

of the high-tech companies, Company leaders after nearly 20 years in 

the field of mobile Internet hard work, in the fierce competition in the 

industry come to the fore, in the industry have a good reputation. 

    Shenzhen Long Di Group Co., Ltd. currently has three branches: First, 

Shenzhen Long Di Electronics Co., Ltd., focused on the production of mobile 

Internet terminals, Now has about 700 employees. The existing 18 finished

 assembly line, one hundred clean room, Aging workshop, the company uses

 advanced production equipment, high-end mobile Internet products with

 an annual capacity of 15 million units.   Second, Shenzhen City Longdi 

Optoelectronics Industry Co., Ltd., focusing on new materials research and development, 

production and sales, Such as: mobile phone 3D glass cover, glass panels, 

optical lens research and development, with an annual capacity of 80 million. 



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